Caisson Drilling

San Diego Limited Access Caisson Drilling

Caissons are large diameter holes that are dug through poor soil into inadequate bearing soil. This allows a home’s foundation to rest on the deeper soil and bypass the problem soil. This is a common repair on hillsides and cut and fill construction areas.

As you can imagine, oftentimes the places around your home’s foundation where caissons would help repair and strengthen it are hard to get to because of limited access. That is where Unlimited Drilling & Foundations Inc. can help.

How it’s done

A drill rig is brought in and holes are dug to a depth as determined by engineering and soils reports. Hole depths can range from just a few feet to 20′ and beyond. Caissons are filled with concrete, attached to the grade beam which your structure is then resting on.

Unlimited Drilling & Foundations Inc. specializes in Limited Access Caisson Drilling Foundation Repair in the San Diego area.