Equipment and Resources


  • Tripod Drilling Rig – for drilling small diameter holes and completing soil investigation.
    • Mini Drilling Rig – for drilling up to 18ʺ diameter holes.
    • Mini Caisson Drilling Rig – a small drill rig for up to 36” diameter holes while only
    requiring 36” of width for access.
    • Mini Excavator – gets the job done fast

    • Mini Bobcat – allows the movement of large amounts of material quickly and efficiently.
    • Mini crawler crane – only requires 36” of width for access. Allows us to easily set steel
    cages / beams and easily move materials up and down steel hillsides
    • Dump Trailer – allows us to remove soils and debris as necessary – keeping project area
    clean and uncluttered.
    • Job Box – Allows for on-site storage of equipment / materials and helps keep a clean site
    • Helical pier and tie back installation equipment
    • Push Pier installation equipment

    A huge stock of smaller tools, like jackhammers, saws, roto-hammers, drills, and laser levels.