Foundation Repair San Diego

Unlimited Drilling & Foundations Inc. specializes is all aspects of foundation repair. From epoxyinjection to grade beams and caissons, we do it all.

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Retaining Walls in San Diego

Unlimited Drilling & Foundations Inc. specializes is all types of Retaining Walls. From block walls to steel pile retaining walls.

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Unlimited Drilling & Foundations Inc. has completed over 1000 projects – on time and within budget.

Drilling & Caissons

We specialize in drilling in very difficult to get locations and steep hillsides. Limited access caisson drilling, only 36” width required for access. Caissons to 50’ in depth and 36” diameter.

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Slope Stabilization

Unlimited Drilling & Foundations Inc. specializes in slope stabilization, erosion control and drainage systems. From the use of block walls or wood walls, french drains and concrete swales Unlimited Drilling does it all – on time and within budget.

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Mesh wall

Retaining Walls San Diego County

Concrete Retaining WallsThe design of a concrete retaining wall can vary greatly depending on site conditions and also the engineer designing the wall. Footing size, block wall or poured in place … Read More

Foundation Repair San Diego

How to know if you might need foundation repair? Inadequate compacted and expansive soils (clay), along with poor drainage and poorly constructed foundations are the primary causes of the need for … Read More

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Our List of Equipment and Resources

Equipment Tripod Drilling Rig – for drilling small diameter holes and completing soil investigation. • Mini Drilling Rig – for drilling up to 18ʺ diameter holes. • Mini Caisson Drilling Rig – a … Read More


Considerations for Your Retaining Wall in San Diego

No different than any other investment in your home there are many considerations when choosing which retaining wall contractor in San Diego you will choose.  Additionally, choosing the right materials is extremely important to ensure the retaining wall has the look you are wanting, but also will stand up to the test of time.

At Unlimited Drilling and foundations, we have been building block walls in San Diego, along with many other types of retaining walls , such as concrete retaining walls since 1993 and we have just about seen it all.  Ultimately the experience of the retaining wall contractor, the equipment they use, and the quality of the materials will dictate how the finished product turns out.  We have years of experience building retaining walls in La Jolla and all over San Diego, which has arguably some of the toughest coastal retaining wall considerations of any area in the country.  We pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time and setting expectations on job completion from the word go. 

How to know if you need Foundation Repair in San Diego?

The soil type in San Diego and our propensity for earthquake activity makes property owners think about foundation repair arguably more than in many other parts of the country.  A solid foundation is critical to the structural integrity of your property.  We have often been asked if foundation repair in San Diego is even needed when we show up for a foundation repair estimate.  So lies the question, does my home need foundation repair?

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The truth of the matter is not all situations are created equally.  Depending on where your home is located a minor foundation slab crack in the concrete could be a small issue or the sign of a larger problem.  The variety of home types and placements in San Diego County makes every foundation repair situation unique.  If you are unsure whether foundation repair is needed, it is always best to get a professional foundation repair contractor involved.

Unlimited Drilling is a Foundation Repair Contractor San Diego

Here at Unlimited Drilling and Foundations, we have been repairing foundations in San Diego since 1993.  We pride ourselves on both the quality of our work and the honesty of our crew.  If you are unsure about your foundation.

Caissons in San Diego


In addition to the other services we also offer drilling and caissons in San Diego County.  This specialized skillset allows us to be a more full-service foundation repair and drilling company and we have been doing caisson drilling for years.  If you are in need of drilling and caissons in San Diego.


Drainage Issues

From time to time we have customers that are having issues with draining at their homes, which is why along with foundation repair we also offer drainage services.