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For those in needs of foundation repair contractor San Diego Unlimited Drilling is the best foundation repair company to choose.

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Foundation cracks can come from improper slab pouring during the initial build, natural disaster, earthquakes, poor drainage of runoff or groundwater or accidental drops. Foundation is extremely important to the stability of existing buildings, so maintenance and repair of damaged foundation should be a high priority for homeowners and business owners.

Unlimited Drilling is a Foundation Repair Contractor San Diego

Most of the time with concrete foundation issues, by the time you see or notice the signs, the problem is much bigger than it looks. If windows and doors are sticking, that is often a sign of troubled foundation. Be on the lookout for cracks in stucco or cracked drywall, especially around doors and windows. Other signs of foundation damage are uneven floors.

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Unlimited Drilling has nearly 25 years of experience as a foundation repair contractor San Diego. Unlimited Drilling handles all jobs booked in-house. We do not subcontract any work to other foundation repair companies, so who you hire is who you see on the job. We are foundation repair experts. Our team includes engineers and building contractors who work together. Our engineers plan out the project and make all calculations so that the laws of physics will keep the finished project in place and stable for the longest possible lifespan.

Unlimited Drilling’s team of expert San Diego footing repair contractors makes your timeline and budget our goal. We make every effort to keep our repairs on time and on cost. Our goal is that you will recommend Unlimited Drilling to others in need of a foundation repair company San Diego.

As a foundation repair contractor San Diego we repair concrete slab foundation, we do raised foundation repair, we use cassion foundation repair technique to reset the soil that the concrete foundation rests upon.

Unlimited Drilling is a Cracked Foundation Contractor San Diego

Foundation Repair Contractor San Diego

Unlimited Drilling has the experience and tools for several method of concrete foundation repair. Our engineers examine the project site to determine which method will fix the foundation problems with longest lasting repairs.

One method of concrete foundation stabilization that Unlimited Drilling uses involves digging a caisson through the soil to transfer the load of the foundation to a more stable soil underground.

Caisson foundation stabilization by Unlimited Drilling

Caissons are used when the foundation damage from poor soil has good soil or rock below the surface. A deep hole is drilled through the bad soil, down to the good soil or rock. Then, based on the specifications of the job site, a stabilization method is employed so that the weight of the foundation will rest on the good soil or rock below the hole. Caisson foundation repair is a method of transferring the weight of the foundation to the more stable, healthy soil below the bad soil.

This method is typically used when the foundation sits on a slope or a hill, or when it has been destabilized by seismic activity.

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