Foundation Repair

Poorly compacted and expansive soils (clay), along with poor drainage are the primary causes of foundation failure in San Diego.

Poorly compacted soils – If soils for new construction are not compacted properly, the weight of a structure will cause the foundation to settle. Settling often occurs very slowly but over time significant settling can occur causing major elevation changes and cracking.

Expansive soils – clay is very prominent in San Diego and a poor substrate to construct a foundation on. Over the years, often very few, a house will settle In to the clay. As clay goes through wetting and drying cycles the foundation will settle during each cycle. When you add up the settling during many of these cycles major structural damage will occur.

Poor drainage – If water is allowed to reach the soil supporting the foundation it will speed up settling and compound foundation issues. Common Signs of Foundation Problems

In most cases by the time you see signs of a foundation issue it has already became a major problem. The most obvious signs are windows that are difficult to close and doors that stick. Other signs to look for would be cracks in the drywall and stucco, most often around doors and windows. Uneven floors are also a common symptom. right side of page.. change text to “Foundation Repair”