Foundation Repair San Diego

Epoxy Injection

This method of foundation repair is often used in conjunction with other repairs. Epoxy injection will bond concrete together at a crack, but it doesn’t address problems outside of the immediate area of the crack. This method is usually used where only minor settling has occurred and future settling is not expected.

How it’s done

The crack will be thoroughly cleaned. The surface of the crack is then sealed and injection ports placed along the crack. Epoxy is then injected into the crack under pressure to ensure the entire crack is filled. The repaired area will then be ground down to a smooth surface.

Using Grade Beams for the foundation repair

A grade beam is in effect a deepened foundation placed under your existing foundation. This procedure works well when a sufficiently bearing soil is not far below your existing foundation.

How it’s done

Your structure is temporarily supported to allow for excavation under your existing footing. An excavation is made with its size dependent on your structure and existing soil conditions. The new grade beam is then attached to your existing foundation creating one larger foundation.


Caissons are large diameter holes that are dug through poor soil into inadequate bearing soil. This allows a home to rest on the deeper soil and bypass the problem soil. This is a common repair on hillsides and cut and fill construction areas.

How it’s done

A drill rig is brought in and holes are dug to a depth as determined by engineering and soils reports. Hole depths can range from just a few feet to 20′ and beyond. Caissons are filled with concrete, attached to the grade beam which your structure is then resting on.

Unlimited Drilling & Foundations Inc. specializes in all aspects of repairing your home’s foundation.  If you need a foundation repair contractor in San Diego, we have been serving the community since 1993 and would be happy to discuss your project with you.  

Foundation Repair FAQs

Q: How Long will the foundation repair take?

A:  This is dependent upon how bad the damage is.  The best way to get a gauge on how long the repair work may take is to send is a picture ahead of time for a free estimate.  We have been doing this for a year and generally can get a gauge on what needs to be done from a photo.  For more extensive damage or photos that are hard to read we will ask for an onsite estimate, where we can plan to foundation repair work and give you a realistic timeline on the repair work. 


Q: What Should I budget for foundation repair?

A:  As with repairs in many industries the cost of foundation repair varies widely from job to job.  Many people find it best to send a photo to us first to start the conversation and start to get a feel for what will need to be done to your home or businesses foundation to get it back to normal.  That said, an unstable foundation can be extremely dangerous, especially in coastal areas or mountains areas with cliffs and large hills.  If you think your home needs foundation reapir it is always best to get an expert out to prevent any additional damage and to keep your family safe.


Q:  What signs should I look for to determine whether my home may need a foundation repair?

A:  There are a variety of different signs that your home or businesses foundation may be in need of professional repair work.  Some of the most common signs are cracks in the slab or potentially even in the walls of the home.  From time to time, homes with a crawlspace will show signs of the foundation shifting or cracking that may not be seen from above.  The best way to determine this is to have an experienced professional inspect the foundation and determine whether or not a repair may be needed. 


Q:  Do you work on commerical foundation repair as well?

A:  Absolutely we do!  While some very large commercial properties may take specialized knowledge, we have worked on foundations of all shapes and sizes.  From office buildings to warehouses ensuring that your commercial foundation is intact is important for the safety of your building’s tenants.  A foundation that is unstable or damaged can become a liability that you do not want.  If you feel that your business’s foundation is in need of repair contact us today for a free estimate.